Services to Organizations

Every organization, whether profit or non-profit, no matter its mission, service or product, must have an efficient, effective formal structure – operational and financial – and a culture of team-oriented leadership and problem-solving.

My first step is to assess the organization and the specific presenting problems.  I may attend meetings, talk with individuals or work groups, review documents, speak with customers and vendors, and/or observe work processes.

We then develop a mutually agreeable plan of action based on the realities the organization is facing.  This includes desired outcomes or goals and a timeline for achieving these goals.  Some of the services provided in this plan may include:

Facilitate the writing or updating of the vision, mission, and/or values/operating principles of the organization.

Attend meetings and provide feedback either in real time or after the meeting ends.

Design and deliver team building workshops and experiential learning sessions tailored to each organization.  A recent example is an experiential learning session for artists to build a culture of financial sustainability for a non-profit.  Essentially this re-framed business principles of marketing and customer service in a manner that aligned with the orientation of the participants.

Consult with key personnel to improve their performance or the performance of their direct reports.

Facilitate succession planning and executive searches, including providing interim management services during the search.

Participate in the discussion of merger or acquisition opportunities.

Assist non-profit boards implement best practices such as improving governance, board member recruitment, committee structure, and meeting management


The final phase is resolution.  This occurs when the organization has realized the goals set in the action plan and we celebrate.