Help with the Life You Didn’t Expect

People of all ages are finding that the scripts, paths, and expectations of their lives change dramatically and constantly.  Learning never ends as new technology brings us new information and new options in ways that were science fiction just a few years ago.  I used to have breakfast with my grandparents because we lived in the same house.  Now I have breakfast with my grandchildren through our computer screens because they live 2500 miles away.

As a trained clinician, I personally delivered services to individuals and families and supervised services to tens of thousands of people at my clinic and employee assistance company.  I always take the whole person into account, including their professional activities and aspirations, their family of origin and current relationships, their spiritual beliefs and practices, their health, and their knowledge and cognitive abilities.

My first step in coaching and consulting with someone is to assess their situation.  I ask questions and listen to stories to understand the problems, the disappointments, the attempts at resolution, and the hoped-for outcomes.  We then develop an action plan that takes into account an ever-changing environment.  The third step is ongoing support as the action plan and life unfolds.  My goal is to help each of my clients develop skills, techniques, and the knowledge to deal with the life ahead of them with a sense of achievement and accomplishment, even if it doesn’t fit their original expected life plan.