The people and organizations listed are colleagues I have worked with and learned from throughout the years.  I look to learn something from everyone I know and meet. I hope you do the same when visiting my site and go about your life.


It's difficult to capture the value of what Bob Quinn does in words.  Robert E. Quinn has written 16 books that inspire people to improve and transform their personal lives and the organizations they work for and join.  Read his books; Deep Change, Building the Bridge As You Walk On It, and his latest, The Positive Organization.  Subscribe to his blog -  Hear him speak in person or on videos -

The title of Michelle Segar’s book, No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness, perfectly summarizes her research for the last 20 years.  Michelle’s work reframes how we approach behavior change as she continues to develop the effective tools for sustainable personal health and organizational wellness programs.  Check out her website,

The wisdom that Rabbi Richard Address shares is not just for Jews.  I met him over 25 years ago and he had a profound impact on me.  His work is accessible through his website, the only such site devoted to discussing the learnings from Jewish texts and tradition and their impact on us personally and the organizations we join.  The website includes podcasts of Richard’s weekly radio show and interviews with prominent thinkers, a compendium of his weekly Torah studies geared to Boomers and their families, and a menu of workshops and presentation Rabbi Address offers.  Rabbi Richard Address can be reached at or