Life is a journey…

At the core of my professional life is a passion to help people solve problems and live happier lives, both professionally and personally. We all know how closely those two sectors intertwine. My clinical training and extensive experience enable me to render holistic assistance to both sides of a person’s life. I deal with both the forest and each individual tree. 

I’ve had a wonderful life so far and I look forward to many more years of it. My personal life has encompassed the entire range of experiences - births, deaths, chronic illnesses, celebrations and milestones, overwhelming love, and deep loneliness. 

My professional life has been a unique mix. Trained in social work, both clinical and community practice, I worked for a government mental health center, started two human services companies (running each for a number of years before selling it), served as CEO of a Chamber of Commerce for three years, and consulted with hundreds of businesses, including start-ups and mature companies, non-profits, and passionate entrepreneurs.

Reading the Services section will help you to better understand what I do and how I do it. If you are interested in additional information on my career and experience, please Download My Resume.

How I can help?